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SOHO Hybrid PBX Analog Hybrid PBX  Digital PRI E1 Hybrid PBX
2~4COs,8~16 lines expand, 0.1% fail rate ... 16-32line, CID,4Hybrid,  0.1% fail rate,... 16-80lines, PRI, Call Center, 68 hybrid,auto LCR...
Telephone Voice Logger 2.4G DECT Wireless PBX Key Telephones & Parts
1~16 USB Box or 8~16 PCI recorder... 255 User,50-300m, Motorola wireless phone Key Phone, Single Line Telephone  and more...


Top Customer Praise 

"Imported 300pcs ,only single component  failed in 3-years,   PBX Quality " VERY GOOD "...     

SOHO Solution

Smaller company intercom free, voice over IP, Internet call to PSTN, Unlimited IP Users.



Other Solutions

Hotel, Hospitals, Miners, DSLAM, Power Supply Special Network, Mobile VPMN, Police Station, Public Place,Shcool.

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