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What is IVR? 2018-01-18T09:51:30+00:00

IVR is short for “Interactive Voice Response”.For IP PBX, the Operator phone can automatic response to the incoming calls. There’re some different actions in different situations to answer incoming calls by pressing different keys:

Response Action 1>  Transfer the call to other extensions;

Response 2> Create a Conference Meeting;

Response 3> Create a Queue

Response 4> transfer to another IVR.

What is IVR and its' benefit

IVR meaning

Phone System Installation 2018-01-13T09:33:33+00:00

the details to install our iPBX

What is a Landline ? 2018-01-13T09:31:09+00:00

Landline, Fixed line, also referred to as fixed telephone line, usually refers to a fixed position in the mobile phone, and the mobile phone, on the contrary, more used for enterprise units. Telephone is one of the important means of communication in modern times, the voice of the vibration using current voltage line phone microphone modulation of the voice, is converted to a voltage signal transmitted through the telephone line to the other end of the phone, and then use the microphone to transform the voltage signal into sound signals. Because it is usually fixed in one place, the academic name is a fixed telephone, that is to say, telephone landline. There are several kinds of phone calls, such as fax, telephone, mother and child telephone, etc.. Landline number: it has the same function as a mobile phone number. But we need the province to play landline, no need to add the area code. If you call from other provinces, you need to add an area code.

How to call a number With an extension? 2018-01-13T09:31:42+00:00

Usually dial the number first, and then listen to the prompt and then enter the extension number. You can also enter the number at the same time, the extension number with the input, but only in the middle to add a “P”, that is, waiting for the signal. Mobile phone on this symbol is generally in the “*” button, press 2 times will appear.

How to Call An Extension 2017-12-28T15:29:56+00:00

You must know the desired extension number firstly, for example, extension number is 8008,

1- Pick up any extension handset;

2- Input digit “8008” when you hear dialing tone.

3- Then the extension 8008 will ring, if picked up then you can talk with each other.

PBX meaning ? 2017-12-28T15:31:14+00:00

PBX is commonly known as Private Branch Exchange, program-controlled user switches, telephone switches, Group phones, etc..

PBX is one of the commonly used telephone communication management methods in the modern office, which enables the telephone manager to manage outside calls and outgoing calls. For some telephone exchanges, it is impossible to unify a strictly defined classification. Because manufacturers, habits, regions, product positioning and other factors called differently. So you do not have to deliberately pursue, in accordance with their own use requirements to purchase the appropriate equipment on it.

User switches, also known as program-controlled switches, complete telephone exchanges between the enterprise and the public telecommunications network, and the telephone, fax, modem and other functions merge. The general term ext. (extension) refers to an extension attached to the mainline. The subscriber switch is to process the call between the extensions and connect with the public switched telephone network (PSTN) through the trunk line.

The difference between the PBX and the group telephone system is that the subscriber of the group telephone system needs manual operation while the user switch automatically completes the task. The hybrid system includes the functions of the two systems mentioned above.

At first, the first advantage of the PBX was to save the consumption on the intercom: to deal with the line switching within the system, thereby reducing telephone charges. As user switches become popular, new features are added, such as smart routing, subscriber calls, dial extensions, and so on, which are not provided by telephone companies During the 1990s, a new type of PBX system was developed due to the two significant advances.

One is the rapid expansion of data networks and the widespread acceptance of packet switching by the public. Enterprise companies need data packet switching networks, the prospect of using this network for telephone switching, and the wide use of the Internet as a global data exchange system, make packet switching more attractive. All of these factors contribute to the development of VoIP PBX. (technically, there is no “exchange” this concept, but because the abbreviation PBX address used for a long time, so it will continue to use it.)

Another trend is the idea of core functions. PBX service has always been difficult for small companies because many companies believe that solving the phone is not the core function of the company itself. These considerations have led to the emergence of the concept of hosted PBX. For the installation of hosted PBX, PBX is installed on the phone vendor and managed by the vendor. All functions and calls are transmitted over the internet. What customers need is simply signing a service contract, rather than buying and maintaining expensive equipment.

Advantages of IP PBX compared with traditional PBX

1. unify the telephone network and the computer network into a whole;

2. in addition to providing services to traditional telephone users, it can also provide services for Internet users easily;

3. the new hardware platform and highly integrated system function can greatly reduce the cost;

4. it is more convenient and easy to realize value-added service, such as establishing call-center, implementing VoIP, etc.;

5. open standards, interoperability is strong;

6., the dedicated communication platform moved to the public more familiar with the computer platform, its versatility and practicality stronger;

7., the use, configuration, and maintenance is simpler, even without professionals;

8. functions more powerful and high integration, a single system can complete the use of traditional PBX need to be equipped with a lot of equipment to complete functions, such as automatic telephone, voice mail and so on;

9. because of the use of computer platform, the expansion and upgrading of the system is simpler and save investment;

10. application development is convenient and simple.