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Warranty Policy

In order to standardize after-sales service work, protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers, solve the worries behind the purchase of products, establish a perfect product quality system. Miracall Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Miracall”) made the following warranty management specification to you, and provide you with a standard warranty service.          

1: because of the performance failure of the product itself, the buyer will enjoy the following three package services according to the purchase license and warranty card in accordance with the provisions of the 3-warranty:       

a>, from the date of purchase within 7 days, the product performance failure, you can choose to repair, return, or replace the same type of products with the same specifications. The return agent is responsible for the return or replacement.     

b>, from the date of purchase within eighth days to thirty days, the product performance failure, you can choose to repair or replace the same type of products of the same specifications. The replacement agent is responsible for the exchange.          

c>, from the date of purchase within one year, your product performance failure, can enjoy the warranty service, warranty for repair service.          

d>, if the loss of purchase receipt and warranty card, and can not provide a copy of purchase receipt and warranty card, can enjoy from the date of 3 months warranty service according to the product identification, warranty for repair service. 

2, buyers can enjoy three-warranty of repaired products within the remaining period of the original 3-warranty period. More than 3-warranty of products from the repair within 90 days from the date you can enjoy free warranty service, warranty for repair service.                        

3, if any of the following occurs, consumers will not be able to enjoy the three package service (that is, the terms of the 3-warranty are not applicable).          

a>, more than 3-warranty validity;           

b>, no warranty card and valid delivery ticket (can prove that the product in the validity of the 3-warranty except);           

c>, the content of the warranty card does not conform to the physical identification of the goods or is altered;           

d>, failure to use, maintenance, maintenance of the machine caused by the failure of the machine;           

e>, the machine failure caused by the operation and use in the environment which does not meet the product requirements;           

f>, in the inappropriate site environment, power supply environment (such as the power system is not good grounding, high voltage is too low) and working methods caused by the machine failure;           

g>, non-machine fault Miracall authorized service point caused by the demolition;           

h>, due to force majeure (volcanic, lightning, etc.) and other unexpected factors (such as drop, collision, etc.) caused by the machine failure;           

I>. Natural wear and tear of products (including but not limited to enclosure, keyboard, display screen, accessories, etc.);           

j>, non-fault, defects caused by Miracall causes or defects;           

k>, the original host is not standard stickers, barcode, and network card;            

l>, all the revised machine.             

4, we only assume responsibility for the warranty of the original components and board factory, any failure of any component, user or dealer to install the card and then Miracall will not assume warranty responsibility.                       

5, the warranty period, the same brand or different brands of similar parts will have the right to change Miracall PBX performance of not less than the original fault parts, all repair parts replacement, are all for Miracall.                      

6, three after the expiration of the time period, Miracall or its authorized service will provide paid maintenance services.       

Users should take the following measures when the quality problems occur in the seven and 3-warranty period:   

a>, Buyers should be sent to the customer service products Miracall department or its authorized service point or dealer service request. At the same time, with the purchase certificate and warranty card, purchase certificate and warranty card shall not be altered, otherwise invalid.           

b>, Buyers can call the customer service hotline service Miracall technology, in order to obtain the correct service information.           

c>, if the product in the process of using the services provided by telecommunications operators (such as caller ID, call transfer) cannot be used or not normal, consumers should consult a telecom operator.

All the expenses, eight round-trip Miracall service department or its authorized service point shall be borne by the consumer.

9, all maintenance replaced parts, parts, and accessories all belong to the seine. The cost of removing the product from other equipment shall be borne by the consumer, that is, the cost is not in the category of 3-warranty service.

10, Miracall to product three packs of obligations, whether the implied 3-warranty of articles or other written instructions may be implied or indication of 3-warranty of obligations, should be understood to have been included in the package or limited to the provisions of the three scope of 3-warranty of a period.

11, During 3-warranty period, the buyers enjoy the 3-warranty service according to the 3-warranty clause, which is the only remedy for the loss caused by the product defect. In other words, miracall technology to other direct or indirect losses of consumers (including but not limited to loss of data and other interests) without any responsibility.

12,  Any Miracall dealer or agent or authorized service point shall have the right to represent the Miracall recognize or take three bags of terms beyond the scope of duties, also waive any rights in the Seine three package under the provisions of.

13,  The mandatory provisions of China’s relevant laws applicable to the warranty management specification.

14,  Adjust the Seine retained warranty information, product features and specifications of the right, without notice.